We work in the field of collaborative practices with individuals and organizations who want to have a positive impact. Inspired by the practice of the Art of Hosting, we design events in order to make them more participative and allow meaningful conversations to emerge. We are facilitators and we  host conversations, meetings and events. Through who we are, our creativity and different methodologies, we help groups to explore new ways of interacting, being and doing together.

Collaborative practices at the heart of Lupuna

Our inspiration comes from collaborative practices from different origins, circle of word, storytelling, interactive games, to create activities which are both playful and meaningful. We dedicate ourselves to creating contexts of respect, and openness, to reach a deeper level of connection and ease. We deeply value the fact that each person feels confident enough to share their point of view and do their best to contribute to the group.

We work with individuals, communities and organizations

Our activities can adapt easily to different contexts and needs. They rely mostly on our ability to create an atmosphere favourable to meaningful sharing. The methods and tools that inspire us are simple to explain which makes them even more powerful because they allow us to move to action fast.

Our vision

Our vision is that of a world where each person contributes to the collective well-being, being fully themselves. A world where each individual is able to find their place and thrive. A world where the inner bubbling of our passions, dreams, and emotions, is fully integrated in social interactions. A world where this inner bubbling is valued as a source of creativity, wonder and evolution.

If you feel connected to our word, we invite you to stay in touch through Lupuna News and to come meet us at one of our activities. You are also welcome to write to : us [@]